The nightclub survival kit

Bethan McGrath’s essentials for every savvy student’s post-exam night out 

Exams are over, and now it seems that every student is on a mission to kill their few remaining brain cells in an alcohol-fuelled clubbing spree. Be it Kasbah, Smack, or Pop! (yes, some of us do like the SU), if you’re not out every night, then you’re clearly not doing term three right. Along with your banter, there are a few other things you shouldn’t leave at home if you want to ensure a successful night out…
Credit Card
Yes, you may have stuffed a few fivers in your bra before heading out, but the chances are you’ll be out of pocket within the first hour thanks to the extortionate prices of taxis/club entry/drinks. Oh, and thanks to that friend who never has cash and asks you to pay for their taxi/club entry/drinks.

The situation is all too familiar – you’ve been queuing to use the loo for what seems like an hour, to find that only one cubicle is usable because of a drastic loo roll shortage. Imagine being that girl to whip out a packet of Tesco’s Satin Soft and hand them out to your fellow comrades waiting to be relieved. Bring a packet on a night out and you’ll be the hero of the toilets all over Leamington.
Mini Stapler
Whilst this may not be the first thing to come to mind when hastily stuffing your bag before a night out, a mini stapler can turn out to be a life-saver in the case of an outfit disaster. Got a rip in the seam of your bodycon dress? Staple it. The handle of your bag has come off? Staple it. A really creepy guy won’t leave you alone? Staple his – ahem, maybe don’t use it for that…
You know it’s going to happen – someone in the group is going to get horrendously drunk and cut their foot open by falling up the stairs, slipping on the sweaty, alcohol covered dance floor, or stumbling out of a taxi in their stupidly high heels. To save all of your outfits from becoming stained, wipe up most of the gore with a tissue (which, of course, you have also brought) and slap on a plaster. Everyone will commend your preparedness and you may even get a free drink out of it.
Mini Deodorant 
A small roll on perfume will also suffice. After a few hours of twerking downstairs in Smack, the chances are you’ll be smelling a little more ripe than you’d like that guy over there who is giving you the eye to know. After a quick (discreet!) spritz of your scent of choice you’ll be smelling sexy in no time. You’re welcome.

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