Niraj Shah

Investigating social media’s impact on mental health

Social media is an essential form of communication, especially in this day and age where technology is constantly evolving and growing. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are used by people of all ages to get in contact with one another. The benefits of social media are obvious, and...
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Posted Oct. 9, 2018

Sleep your way to success

We always get told how essential it is to get good night sleep whilst at university. I remember this time two years ago when I was about to start university, and it seemed like 90% of people that I asked for advice said something along the lines of “remember to...
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Posted Oct. 7, 2018

How freshers can maintain an effective work-life balance

For those students who already have confirmed places to study at Warwick starting from this September, congratulations! Whilst university is the most fun time of your life, it also brings a lot of challenges. In particular, maintaining a solid work-life balance is one of the main issues that fresher’s initially...
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Posted Aug. 16, 2018

Four takeaways from the England-India ODI series

The ODI series between England and India has been concluded, with England coming from behind to win the series 2-1. This series was hyped up to be a fascinating contest between 2 of the best one-day teams, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Here are 4 things we learnt ahead of...
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Posted Jul. 30, 2018