Jasmine Morris

How to be an environmentally-conscious reader

Thankfully for the planet, we are entering an age of increased awareness about the impact human beings are having upon the environment. While it is true that some climate change skeptics linger – including, unfortunately but not surprisingly, Donald Trump – some very positive and meaningful steps have been taken...
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Posted Jan. 17, 2019

The art of remembrance

Jasmine Morris reviews the Herbert Gallery's exhibition, 'The First World War In Art' and examines the importance of art in remembrance.
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Posted Nov. 14, 2018

HENI Talks envision the future of arts learning

In April of this year, the launch of HENI Talks marked a big change in the way we learn about art history. The talks, which are usually around ten minutes long, follow a similar format to online resources such as Ted Talks, each giving a short lesson on a different...
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Posted Oct. 21, 2018

Brazil museum fire and the loss of culture

In early September of this year, Brazil’s most historically and scientifically significant museum was gutted by fire overnight. The Museũ Nacional, in Rio de Janeiro, was founded in 1818 to promote the cultural and economic progress of its relatively young nation; Brazil is only 500 years old. Just this June...
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Posted Sep. 23, 2018

How to decorate your room with books

Moving into a new space can be tough. You’ve just about managed to squash all your earthly possessions into the car, you’ve unloaded everything, and now you’re faced with a blank canvas. Quite frankly, you’re overwhelmed by the emptiness of it all. Immediately, the instinct is to decorate. Under the...
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Posted Sep. 9, 2018

The art of buying books and never reading them

Imagine you’re in your favourite bookshop, buying a brand-new book. After browsing for what felt like an age, you’ve finally chosen the perfect book to add to your library – and whether it’s a romance, a mystery, or, perhaps, a bit of science fiction, you’re just desperate to start reading....
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Posted Aug. 23, 2018