Isabelle Atkins

Does London have an accessibility problem?

For students, London seems to be the place to be. The vast majority of us will at one point have to venture into the big smoke for work experience, internships, or interviews. It’s almost a given that, at one point, you’ll make a journey into London whilst in university, and...
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Posted Sep. 11, 2018

A World Cup England might actually win

On Saturday July 21, the Vitality Hockey Women’s World Cup kicked off at the Lee Valley Hockey Centre in London, where the GB ladies took home bronze at the 2012 Olympics almost six years previously. And despite little press coverage, this might actually be a World Cup England stand a...
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Posted Aug. 2, 2018

Does our ‘Generation Sensible’ no longer know how to have fun?

One minute, millennials are immature, financially irresponsible, and selfish. The next, we’re being lambasted for being – of all things – too sensible. Gen Z and late millennials are drinking less alcohol, using less drugs, smoking fewer cigarettes, having fewer teen pregnancies, and getting arrested less than our predecessors. Not...
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Posted Jul. 30, 2018

Commuter degrees aren’t all they’re cracked up to be

Education secretary Damian Hinds recently suggested commuter degrees could help tackle of the ever-rising cost of a university education. Students would live at their parental homes, commute to their institutions, and, voilà, poor students could afford university! If only it were that simple. In truth, commuter degrees provide a very...
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Posted Mar. 22, 2018

Why it’s time we tackled grade inflation for good

Another month, another chance for our preceding generations to rip into millennials about how easy they have it. This time – university grade inflation. The proportion of graduates receiving a first has almost doubled in ten years, and it’s now estimated that 26% of students will walk away with the...
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Posted Feb. 1, 2018