Imogen Allport

What you didn’t know about Emily Brontë

Born on 30 July 1818, this month marks the bicentenary of Emily Brontë’s birth, the second youngest of the four surviving Brontë siblings. Last summer I was lucky enough to visit the Brontë Parsonage and contributed to the re-writing of the manuscript of Wuthering Heights to celebrate this bicentenary. Emily lived...
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Posted Jul. 10, 2018

Learn from Literature: Suffragette Movement

For me, the literature I find most compelling is didactic. If a novel, poem, or play has taught me something, I consider it a text worth reading again and again. However, literature is not just fiction. Non-fiction books are constantly being written by historians attempting to provide a new, idiosyncratic...
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Posted Apr. 18, 2018

Why are TV adaptations so popular during Christmas?

The festive period has witnessed numerous literary adaptations. In previous years we have seen various interpretations including Dickensian (2015-16), And Then There Were None (2015) and The Witness for the Prosecution (2016). Christie and Dickens have always been favourites for screen-writers at Christmas. However, on Boxing Day 2017, two eminent...
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Posted Jan. 4, 2018