Elspeth Walker

From Romeo to Gatsby: the most toxic relationships in literature

Often literature can romanticise relationships for narrative value, but when we take a step back and remove the rose-tinted glasses, we see them for what they are: toxic. Some of the most iconic and romanticised literary characters are culprits of this. Their fame and status helps normalise relationships we would...
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Posted Feb. 15, 2019

Freedom of expression in art does not excuse offending religion

Since August 2018, the Haifa Museum of Art in Israel has hosted an exhibition entitled ‘Sacred Goods’. The exhibition explores the responses of contemporary artists to the themes of faith and religion, within the global world setting and, in particular, within consumerist societies. On 11 January, many Christians protested outside the...
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Posted Feb. 11, 2019

Rethinking the UK’s tradition of listed buildings

This year, 952 buildings and sites gained listed status, ranging from a pedestrian subway in London, to a lifeguard house in Essex, to the Florence iron mine in Cumbria. They vary not only in their uses, but also from an aesthetic standpoint. The beautiful brick structure of the pedestrian subway...
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Posted Jan. 31, 2019