Robin James Kerrison

Good Times, Bad Times

In honour of the Boar's 40th Anniversary celebrations, six writers cast an eye across the past, present and future decades of sound, chronicling a lifetime in innovative releases, huge singles, and signature events
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Posted Oct. 19, 2013

Factory Floor

The eponymous debut album of Factory Floor is a relentless, uncompromising odyssey of heavy techno beats and icy detachment. Christopher Sharpe reveals why we should all take to the floor
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Posted Oct. 18, 2013

Mercury Reverence…?

Three writers gather to pick holes in the shortlist for the 2013 Barclaycard Mercury Music Prize. Bones of contention include: where's the integrity? Where's Field of Reeds? And what does this award stand for in this day and age?
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Posted Oct. 6, 2013

Interview: Mount Kimbie

Christopher Sharpe has a natter with Kai Campos - one half of electronica dream-weavers Mount Kimbie - about live outings, cryptic album titles, and the art of guest appearances
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Posted Sep. 22, 2013

Punchdrunk’s Hollywood Fable

The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable Have you ever seen nature inside out? When the sun stands at midday and it’s as if the world was going up in flames? Having lost my companions, midway through The Drowned Man, I found myself completely alone at the top of a stairwell,...
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Posted Aug. 7, 2013

Body Music

Although AlunaGeorge's debut doesn't quite live up to its exquisite preceding singles, Christopher Sharpe still finds merits in the London duo's glossy, stylish dreamworld
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Posted Jul. 24, 2013


Deerhunter's sixth effort finds the band reshaping their sound once more, with varying degrees of success
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Posted May. 10, 2013