Alice Stobbs

Five reasons to love the Before trilogy

Although we may love mind-bending sci-fi or fast-paced action blockbusters, sometimes what you want is a relaxing film to muse over. Richard Linklater’s trio of romantic dramas starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, certainly fit the bill. Based on an evening Linklater spent with a woman during his travels across...
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Posted Feb. 5, 2019

A beginner’s guide to the most important dystopian literature

While it may not be the most uplifting, dystopian fiction is one of the most important literary genres for young people to engage with. Tackling polemical issues like environmental crises, repressive government regimes and toxic warfare, these novels construct a striking warning to mankind. The aim? To prevent the recurrence...
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Posted Feb. 2, 2019

Review: ‘Hour of the Star’ by Clarice Lispector

Born in the Ukraine in the 1920s, Clarice Lispector was a Brazilian novelist and short story writer. Despite being her last novel, Hour of the Star was the first I read, and I was surprised and captivated by its strange, haunting and thought-provoking style. Translated from the Portuguese original, this short...
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Posted Jan. 31, 2019

How to hike up Mount Etna

When you think of visiting Sicily, you probably imagine relaxing on sun-soaked beaches, gorging on gelato and getting your tan on. Well, I wanted to do something a little different. Many people know about Mount Etna, Europe’s largest volcano and one of the most active in the world. But not...
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Posted Jan. 22, 2019

The shows we want to see return in 2019

As a new year begins, we can look ahead to lots more news shows and old shows returning. But what about the shows that aren't making it back on the box this year? Four of our writers tell us what shows they would like to see return in 2019.
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Posted Jan. 7, 2019