Arisa Loomba

University: the next adventure

Coming to university and getting into studying mode after summer or a gap year may not seem like the most appealing prospect. If you’ve been travelling for a significant period, heading to uni in the rainy Midlands may seem particularly depressing. Maybe you’re an international student and the quaint surrounding countryside...
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Posted Sep. 24, 2018

Finding happiness at Warwick despite homesickness

During the run up to starting at Warwick, I could hardly contain my excitement. I was desperate to move out of home and embark upon my new independent, free life. As an introverted, socially anxious person, I knew I was going to struggle with homesickness to some degree. But, I...
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Posted Sep. 23, 2018

Are there enough BAME role models in school curriculums?

According to a recent BBC article, the Ethnic Youth Support Team (EYST) has called for more non-white role models to be learnt about as part of the school curriculum in Wales. The feeling is that Welsh cities are becoming increasingly multicultural and the level of diversity in the curriculum is...
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Posted Sep. 4, 2018

Hall Wars: A complete guide to Warwick’s first year halls

Applying for your first year accommodation can be daunting and stressful, particularly if you haven’t visited the halls you’re applying to. Warwick guarantees on-campus accommodation for most first-years. Of course, you can always check the specific details on the Warwick on-campus accommodation web-pages, but what better way to decide where...
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Posted Aug. 21, 2018

Understanding the British Asian identity

Following a survey conducted by ComRes, it was revealed that more than half of British Asians had toned down their Asian identity to fit in. In light of this, five Warwick students share their thoughts on the results of this survey, and their own personal experiences. Aamena Patel It’s not...
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Posted Aug. 15, 2018

Voluntourism in Naples

The day after exams finished, I jetted off to Naples for three weeks of volunteering with LESS, an NGO that supports refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. Voluntourism often gets a bad name, and I too admit to being skeptical, worrying my work might have a negative impact. It is a...
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Posted Aug. 7, 2018

Why Brexit has called our identity into question

Afua Hirsch’s new book ‘Brit(ish) on Race, Identity and Belonging’ highlights the recent identity crisis that Britain has been thrown into as it copes with the decision to leave the European Union, as well as issues of multiculturalism and Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish nationalisms. Does leaving the EU change...
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Posted Jun. 27, 2018

Get excited for summer with Warwickshire’s July festivals

As the end of exams finally come into sight and we start getting excited about summer, it’s time to look at Warwickshire’s July festivals, the latest instalment of local festivals. If you’re looking to hang around the area during July, then why not take the opportunity to delve into some...
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Posted Jun. 2, 2018

Warwick is not the rigorous academic institution I hoped for

On 13th April, the Vice-Chancellor of the Open University Peter Horrocks was forced to resign “with immediate effect” following a vote of no confidence by the university’s academic staff. Alongside proposed cuts to staff and courses, academics were outraged by his public claims that they had “got away with not...
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Posted Apr. 24, 2018

Looking forward to summer: June festivals in the local area

The Warwick Summer Festival last June may not have been the highlight of everyone’s year, nor was it anyone’s idea of good value for money. However, that doesn’t mean we should lose faith in the festival scene in Warwick’s local area. There are a multitude of artsy and cultural festivals...
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Posted Apr. 22, 2018

The best places to study on and around campus in term 3

If you’re like me and have an unexplainable inability to concentrate on work in your bedroom, then you know the pain of fruitlessly searching for a seat in the library during term 3. You’ll also know that if you don’t find somewhere to work quickly, any hopes of getting revision...
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Posted Apr. 20, 2018