Image: Jwoodlee3/ Wikimedia Commons
Image: Jwoodlee3/ Wikimedia Commons

Mixed Dodgeball success for Warwick on Varsity weekend

Team Warwick’s mixed dodgeball squad proved too much for Coventry, who were unable to avoid defeat at the Sports and Wellness Hub.

  The hosts line-up consisted of Lia Credé, Henry Spriggs, Marek Podgajny, Tom Ovenden, Lucy Palmer, Mai-An Dang and Jack Warren, with a combination of six playing at a time any time, with one substitute waiting in the wings. I mention them all because this really was a team game, and they all played fantastically. Team Warwick’s coordination was clear for all to see as they planned their attacks and movements, and this cohesion set them on the road to an inevitable victory.

  Warwick got off to a good start, winning the first game and putting the first two points on the board (as a very nice guy called Joe explained to me, a win is worth two points, with the overall winner the team with the most points at the end). And, with this lead, Warwick never fell behind – in fact, they never even seemed at risk of it, ending the first half far in front by a scoreline of 10-2. Although Coventry claimed scalps in each contest, it was never enough to really make a difference.

Even when things looked lost, Warwick played valiantly

  Coventry began to make a comeback in the second half, winning three of the five games, but it wasn’t enough to dent Warwick’s lead. Even when things looked lost, Warwick played valiantly. In the ninth game, Dang pulled a victory from the jaws of defeat – left on her own, she caught one of Coventry’s shots, bringing back one of Warwick’s players and going on to steal the win.

  As the fixture ended and Warwick claimed the last game, we wrapped up with a score of 14-8. It was a fantastic show of teamwork and sportsmanship, and a deserved win that brought Warwick closer to a 30th successive Varsity victory.


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