Image: The Boar
Image: The Boar

Warwick Netball Varsity 2019 Closer against Coventry

The closing match to 2019 Varsity was sure to be a nail-biting one. Last year, during an incredibly tough game Coventry managed to steal the win and now was Warwick’s turn to take it back.

Held in Coventry Sports Centre on Sunday evening, the squad, captained by Becky Lloyd appeared calm and collected. Despite Coventry scoring the first goal, Ocean Hayward (GD) and Riley Lovegrove (GK) made some impressive turnovers, gaining possession for Warwick. The first quarter ended 11-6 to Warwick.

As the game went on Warwick’s goals increased

The second and third quarter followed suit, with Emma Knowles (C) making stylish interceptions. The flow-through centre court by Alice Sketcher (WA), Katrin Williams (WA), Sarah Kehoe (WD) and Kate Bryson (C) was confident and smooth. As the game went on Warwick’s goals increased despite Coventry’s GD and GK putting down some impressive defending on shooters Becky Lloyd (GA) and Freya Rowson (GS).

Despite being an away game, the efforts of the Warwick supporters made it feel like home as the encouraging and enthusiastic cheers of the crowd overpowered Coventry’s. The BUCS Captain Becky Lloyd told The Boar, “This weekend has been one of the best weekends of my life. Not only was there a fantastic display of sporting ability by other clubs but I got to Captain UWWNC to a win in the closer of Varsity 2019! I’m so proud of all of the girls, thank you to everyone who came to support!”

Coventry, however, were determined not to be beaten

In the final quarter, the score being 39-19 to Warwick, Lucy Ritson (WD) played a stormer, and joined by Amelia Ghanbouri, Tash Ringrose and Georgie Bridgman formed the 2019 Women’s Netball varsity squad.

Coventry, however, were determined not to be beaten and responded to the score with an impressive surge of goals. The final whistle blew and celebration erupted amongst the Warwick players and the crowd as the girls had managed to end Varsity 2019 on a high with a comfortable win 45-30, an incredible closer for Warwick University.

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