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Exploring beyond cities: the case for countryside holidays

Even though it is easier and cheaper for us to explore the world than ever before, statistics suggest that many now prefer to stay closer to home instead of spending our lives in the air. As students, we don’t always have the opportunity to hop on a plane and explore nearby cities.


In light of this, there is a strong case for the less “traditional” student escape, countryside holidays. Many researchers believe that we are more likely to suffer anxiety in the hustle and bustle of overpopulated cities. The mental health benefits of escaping these crowded places alone could be enough to make you consider a more relaxed holiday.


Escapism is simple when you are surrounded by quaint places and nature. We are fortunate enough at Warwick to have stunning fields minutes away from our campus. Even if you need a quick serene escape from overwhelming deadlines, a 15-minute walk towards Gibbet Hill or behind Sherbourne could be an amazing break.Beyond campus, there are still endless fields to explore. The South West of the country features a mix of beaches, rural landscapes and untouched nature. As someone who grew up in metropolitan cities, the idea of spending time getting to know the world’s natural environment is exciting.


it could be fun to try a more well-being focused escape from deadlines


We often spend so much time focused on getting the dream job, working hard and immersing ourselves in this modern urbane that it can be simple to forget about the point of a holiday: to relax. Ultimately, the best way to relax is to spend time ignoring the harsh metropolises and refocus on ourselves. By spending time in places where we have limited distractions, we can do just that.


At the same time, even within countryside holidays there are numerous options as to how you can explore. If you are looking for a more “luxurious” experience, there are infamous hotels with spa facilities. Some are restored estates of famous nobility, such as Chewton Glen and Cliveden House. Though often overpriced, it can be possible to get discounts during super off-peak seasons. So, if you have Tuesdays off, this could be a good opportunity to refresh!


a 15-minute walk towards Gibbet Hill or behind Sherbourne could be an amazing break


There are also options to go glamping or camping, both of which can be incredible bonding experiences with your new flatmates or friends. Whilst the weather still permits, you can fully immerse yourself in nature, with many campsites allowing for safe environments for beginners or those looking to try out camping.


The “traditional” student budget holiday does not necessarily suit all students, and as part of your three or more-year journey, it could be fun to try a more well-being focused escape from deadlines. As such, it could be worth exploring England’s gorgeous countryside and taking time to reconnect (or discover) some of nature’s diverse offerings.

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