Image: Warwick Mixed Hockey
Image: Warwick Mixed Hockey

Ways to Explore with Warwick Mixed Hockey

At Warwick, we have the opportunity to explore the world – whether it’s through societies, study abroad options or volunteering. In this interview with Ellen Percival, Publicity and Communications Secretary for Warwick Mixed Hockey, you can see how sports is a wonderful opportunity to explore both in England and abroad


For those who haven’t come across Mixed Hockey before, what is the society about?

Mixed Hockey is all about inclusivity and having fun! (So cheesy but true) We hold no trials or initiations, making us truly inclusive and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We balance performing well as a team with keeping the sport fun and not making it a chore! 

The social side is also a big part of our club. We hold weekly socials, from meals at the pub after training to paintballing, and of course our infamous circles! 


What is your role in the society?

I am the Publicity and Communications Secretary. Really enjoying it, love making graphics to put on our social media and shouting about what a great club this is.


What do you feel are the best qualities of the society?

The real family feel to the club. Because we all train together, play matches together and socialise together you get a real close knit group of people who really do care for each other. 

Also, as a club, I think we’re very good at putting people at ease when they join. It’s a scary prospect coming to uni and getting involved, no matter how confident you are. We meet up with freshers on the piazza before training and walk over to the pitches together before our taster training sessions which definitely helps to put people at ease.


Are there any particular events you think freshers should go to if they are interested in joining?

I would highly recommend pre-season I’m welcome week. It will be quieter than the hectic taster sessions in week 1 and 2, so will give you a real feel as to whether the hockey side of the club is for you. We also have Sunday circles in week 1 & 2 where we’ll help you integrate with other freshers and non-fresh alike (aswell as teaching you all about the infamous circle). In week 3 we also embark on a 4-legged bar crawl (yup, 4-legged) in Leamington. I can honestly say it’s one of my favourite socials of the year, always provides a lot of laughs and you make some really good friends in the process. 


What are the different ways we can explore both the UK and abroad through Mixed Hockey?

We embark on 2 tours a year, one domestic tour (where the location is kept secret) and one international tour over the Easter holidays! In my time at Mixed Hockey, I’ve explored places like Brighton and Budapest with some of my best friends – I really love tour. 

As part of the Reading League we’ve been involved in, we have travelled to places such as Reading, Oxford and Winchester to play hockey matches against other universities. It’s like a mini road trip (normally with a Maccies stop off!) and is a lot of fun. We’ve also recently climbed Snowdon in Wales to raise money for our charity Coventry Haven which was a massive success, and something I didn’t expect to do as part of Mixed Hockey! 


What have been your best experiences with the society?

Very cliché, but meeting the wonderful group of people that have honestly been the core of my university experience. If you’d like a not so cliché answer, something a bit different, then it’s probably joint between the hockey festival we attended in my first year (a whole weekend of hockey in the sun with my pals) and climbing Snowdon. 


Finally, what advice would you give to freshers (or re-freshers) thinking of joining?

Just do it! (cue Shia LeBeouf) Honestly, even if it’s just for one taster session / one social, and if it’s not for you, nothing lost! But hopefully you’ll have a blast and we’d be lucky to have you join us! 

A lot of the new club members last year weren’t first year aswell, so if you didn’t join a society in your first year, this is your chance! It’s 100% worth it, I promise.

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