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Warwick at the Fringe: Artemis, The Merry Misadventures

The penultimate show in our Warwick at the Fringe series, this is the first to feature non-human actors! Meet the team (and the puppets) behind Artemis, The Merry Misadventures.

What’s the concept?

Shocking words from adorable puppets. Our play follows the journey of Artemis, a little penguin ready to conquer species to become king of the lions. In doing so the audience will discover, with Artemis, just how chilling power can be.

How does the production show off Warwick drama to its best?

It shows off the best of both worlds: drama, and the importance of having discussions with friends in uni cafes.

Tell us about your cast. What makes them special?

Between zombie-apocalypse themed rehearsals and improvised raps, our cast knows how to keep things schwifty. Astijus Taujanskas, Rebecca Diez, Elliot Cudworth, Yasmina Gomez and Chloe Getaz will be bringing to the stage Tiff Milner’s wonderful puppets!

Sum up your show in three words.

Sinister, cartoony, outrageous.

If your show was a Warwick landmark, what would it be?

The weird bronze rat-thing statue which no one really seems to understand the function of.

Where are you performing and when?

3 – 8 August, 9pm, PQA2 Riddle’s Court, 322 Lawnmarket (close to St Giles’ Cathedral).

Top tip for making the most of/surviving the Fringe?

Make sure you get enough sleep and off time both before and during the Fringe. Its colourfulness and energy are intense but manageable! And don’t forget the obligatory deep fried “food”, it is Scotland after all (they have deep fried Mars bars…).

Anything else we should know?

Be prepared for the bizarre. And expect nothing short of the absurd…

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