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Warwick at the Fringe: Good Bad Ideas Theatre Co. presents That’s So GCSE

Warwick’s creatives keep on giving. The latest show in our Warwick at the Fringe series is comedy That’s So GCSE, from Good Bad Ideas Theatre Co.

What’s the concept?

That’s So GCSE is a sketch comedy parodying GCSE and amateur theatre! The show is made up of a collection of skits that embody our experience of performing theatre at school, whether it’s over the top delivery, dancing to ‘Everybody Hurts’ and calling it ground-breaking, or missing a cue and having to improvise your way out of it (and of course, blackouts!)

How does the production show off Warwick drama to its best?

This show was devised, written, and improvised by everyone on board, it’s a team effort in every way. It encapsulates everything brilliant about Warwick drama and student theatre because it grew organically, and has been pieced together by a cast and crew that love it. Almost every joke was at one point an improvisation that had the rest of us in tears, so we’re very excited for those jokes to finally see Edinburgh, and for That’s So GCSE to be another contribution to the Fringe by talented Warwick students.

Tell us about your cast. What makes them special?

Not only have we been blessed with a cast of very funny people, they’re also incredibly weird people. This show would be nothing without their weird.

Sum up your show in three words.

That’s. So. GCSE. (Am I doing this right?)

If your show was a Warwick landmark, what would it be?

We’d be the entire Arts Department: we’re putting the fun back in underFUNnded.

Where are you performing and when?

We are performing at theSpace on North Bridge, Aug 3-4, 6-11, 13-18 – each night at 7.25pm!

Top tip for making the most of/surviving the Fringe?

We’ll let you know when/if we survive. See you there!

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